our FOOD

The menu at Today's cafe is too big to put up on the website (!) but here are some examples of the food we can make fresh for you. Average prices vary between around 15,000 and 45,000 IDR (apx £1-£3). Wifi is charged at 10,000 IDR (about £0.65) an hour.



Omelettes (lots of varieties)

Banana porridge

Eggs (fried/poached/boiled)

Pancakes (plain/banana/cheese/honey & lemon etc...)

Home made yogurt (lots of varieties including passion fruit and chocolate & peanut)


Coconut cookies

Banana donuts

fried banana with chocolate

variety of salads and soups


Variety of noodles and rice

Variety of pasta with meat, fish and vegetarian

Meat and fish with rice - including fried chicken, rendang, sweer & sour, Sak Sang, Wiener Schnitzel and fish curry

Vegetable dishes including Gado Gado, Capcay, Stir fried with Tofu, Aubergine curry and Urap urap

Variety of Pizzas

Potato dishes including french fries, potato rendang, mash, Bratkartoffeln and potato Frikadellen

Special dishes such as fresh Barbecued Fish - these should be ordered 1 day in advance.


We sell hot drinks, cold drinks, bottled drinks, fresh juice and cocktails.